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Here comes the money coin pickup
Replaces coin pickup sounds with "here comes the money"
Created 2 years ago
Here comes the money:


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Next we should have a mod where issac is replaced with shane
I'm wheezing right now holy schnitzel.
I'm wheezing right now holy schnitzel.
I like it, but the sounds a bit long for just grabbing a penny. Maybe just the line "here comes the money"
First thing that came to my mind was TearofGrace
Does anyone else think TearofGrace when they hear this mod? I certainly do.
He's part of the reason I actually play it. I watched a TON of his videos.. and now I have the game.
I love you, and I would marry you, but I can't.
Same but I already have someone on my hands and she would kill me if I married a dude! XD
literaly the best thing

until it gets annoying
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