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Special Rooms Mod
Adds new rooms!
Created 3 years ago
This mod was made using basement renovator and rick's file unpacker which you can download from
This mod will only work on afterbirth
Updates will be coming soon


x 6

- greed mode rooms

- changed some devil rooms

- some boss rooms

- some new rooms

- new rooms

- fixed some rooms

- many new rooms

- Two new devil rooms

- New Secret Room

- New Curse Room

- replaced hard boss treasure room

- added reroll room to curse room

- new boss rush

- new devil rooms

Ooh. I always love varying rooms. I like it! Do more!
Mate why does my mod always get removed? It isn't even bad mate it makes me cry when it gets removed.
Your lost mod has absolutely no purpose. Even if the mod did work, it would have no reason to exist. But.. it doesn't even work to the fullest. The equivalent of your mod, to this site, would being only allowing players to browse the Home screen of this site, and nothing else. Basically, your mod took away from the game without adding, and it didn't even 'take away' to the fullest potential.
you are saying my mod is useless, all your mod does it add the d6 to the Lost. Mine does way more than that mate.
Except that it's not in any way, and statistics oppose you. I suggest you not argue with me, for you will plunder.
yo you making that mod saved me so many times on potentially bad lost runs <_>
Like Dragon said, your mod does not even work properlym you cant just upload it like that while knowing it doesnt work well. We are not trying to be mean or anything, but if you keep reuploading the same thing, you'll get the same result.
Mate I fixed it, after it was broken I fixed it mate
Mate I fixed it and improved it and it is better now, I bet you didn't even look at it the second time mate.
even the fixed version got removed.
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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