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Greed mode gets harder and more rewarding
Created 3 years ago
This mod makes Greed mode harder but there will be also more treasure
It will not effect Normal mode
This is what i have done:

- Treasure room have a high chance to have two items
- Shop, exit, fight, secret and treasure rooms are remade
- Some curse rooms have been remade
- Secret rooms look like devil (80%) and angel (20%) rooms
- The waves will slowly get stronger than normal
- There is a small chance to get a i am error shop
- "The Shop" floor always contains an item in the fight room
- Before the Greed room are rewards to help you fight Greed
- Greed has company
- Steam Sale has been removed from Greed mode because it's overpowered

if you want the Steam Sale back delete the itempools.xml file

Extract the file and put the content in the resources folder
You can find it in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources"
If not, go to steam and right click on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and click Properties, go to Local Files and click Browse Local Files...

1. Did you look at the "How to Download" title
2. Do you have Rebirth? this mod is only for Afterbirth
3. Maybe another mod causes it

If it is still not working i don't know what the cause is

If you find a bug or have any ideas to make this mod even greater, put it in the comments

Video by Hutts Gaming Channel: link

Video by Emerald Jirachi Plays: link

Video by PottGame (Deutsch): link

Video by andrew93752: link


x 67

- Made i am error shop better

- Changed the start room of the last floor

- The completion mark of Greed mode has now yellow blood

- Some items are added in the Greed Treasure itempool

- The Greed Secret itempool now only has tearmodifiers

- Added some treasure rooms

- Updated the Titlemenu image

- Removed The Haunt from the first floors because the boss is too hard with the new fight rooms

- Removed Baby Long Legs, Crazy Long Legs and Drowned Hive because they are not fun to fight

- Made minor changes

- Remade the fight before Greed

- Greed got more health

- Changed some buggy or easy fight rooms

- Exits now always have enemy's

- The Secret rooms in Greed mode are remade and look like devil (80%) and angel (20%) rooms

- Added more shop and treasure rooms

- The titlemenu now says: The Binding of Isaac: Greed+

- Added some shop rooms

- Added some treasure rooms

And for this Mod an Video too.
Thank you, i will put your video in the discription too
Lovely mod, not as diffecult as Better greedmode

But as done for better greedmode I made a video!

Thanks for making that video
I will put the link in the discription of the mod
Steam Sale is OP, agreed. I have got several terrible Greed Mode runs, which have all been fixed by the almighty steam sale It must be the work of Lord Gaben!
Ooh an I Am Error shop... hmmm...
If steam sale were in the mod, ill download it
It says in the discription that you can delete itempools.xml
It will get the steam sale back
can you play this with other mods loaded?
it can if the other mod doesn't have files in the rooms folder that have "Greed" in it
That Ultra Greed fight made me laugh, awsome mod by the way! It's a new and challenging way to play Greed Mode
thank you, but that Greed fight is a little bit chaotic
Keep on updating dude this mod is great
Loks like fun i'm going to try it out
June 5, 2018 - 11 months ago

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