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Angry Face Health Bar
From Castle Crashers/Newgrounds Games
Created 2 years ago

Just Something I thought of

This replaces the boss health bar with one from Castle Crashers (Where I saw it) and Newgrounds games.
I just thought it would be a cool simple mod to make for now.
I actually am making a mod that will change everything for rebirth. This mod is compatible with Afterbirth (I think).

Have fun!


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It looks like the Walmart Smiley Face thing but pissed...
Try tweaking the look a little. The face should be angrier, maybe a little bigger. Besides that, it's a nice feature.
Takes me back to the original binding of isaac!
I remember a similar mod for Spider Mod a couple of years ago. At least I think I do.

Thanks for sharing.
reminds me of the Genki Sushi logo (i know the one represented here was from newgrounds and those kinds of games)
I have no idea what the Genki Sushi company is, but I looked it up and saw how it looks like it
Yea its mostly prominent on the west coast and the Hawaiian islands
January 20, 2017 - 8 months ago

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