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Vanilla Samson
Samson from Original Isaac!
Created 4 years ago

Afterbirth Needed

Samson from the original Binding of Isaac. Samson now holds Lusty Blood instead of Bloody Lust and has one heart container and one soul heart.

Just place the file in your resources folder!


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You should make an ultra vanilla mod, where you die if you play Keeper, Lilith, Lazarus, Eden, or Azazel. Don't know how though.
I really loved this original characters ;)
Are You gonna make more characters like this one?
Haven't got Afterbirth + yet Is the items.xml the same as Afterbirth? If so I could try editing it like I did with this mod
Thanks! What do you think I should do next?
Офигенный мод \ Like it
Haha! Thanks for the support! Was thinking of adding a vanilla reskin too but this mod isnt very popular tbh
I never really remembered what Samson started with until now!
Haha, glad you enjoy it! I really just made this mod for a request in a reddit thread
June 5, 2018 - 2 years ago

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