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Graphic Redo
Makes sprites to show their detail better or something like that
Created 3 years ago
Long story short I got bored and edited a bunch of sprites to either add more detail or just and excuse to use the reflect brush. I have done hud elements mostly some bosses and a bit of pickups but it will be a side project to change almost all sprites in the game.
List of things it changes.

    - Some floor backdrops
    - Some bosses
    - The background of the intro cutscene
    - Some effects (mainly making crack the sky beams yellow)
    - Rocks to work with new floor backgrounds
    - Item pedestals (including chests and slot machines)
    - And some HUD stuff. Boss bar hearts ect


x 43

- Added new screenshots

- Better description

could i use this mod for a comunity remix called ``the modding of isaac``?
Sure, Don't need to add credit if you don't want to either.
I love it, it really freshens up the game (which, after 1000+ hours I need). On the first few floors the doors don't match the redone flooring though.

Great mod!
I like it! Reminds me of old Games like Metroid
Too bad this might lag the game for me! But, looks great!
I like everything except for your reskins of the normal basement, the cellar, the intro cutscene background, and the shop. Great job, though!
Can you be more specific on what you edited? But still really cool
I will soon. I uploaded this quite late so I'm gonna get some sleep and fix stuff tomorrow.
June 5, 2018 - 3 months ago

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