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Shows Basic Boss Info
Created 2 years ago
Adds HP, Number of Phases, Number of Champions and Endings to all Major Boss VS Screens. Isaac is bugged and hopefully will be fixed. (I will add other bosses when I've found the final style.)


x 36

- Changed style of info (Excluding Isaac )

Looks better now. I don't know how you would fix this but doesn't fit the theme of vs screen much.
This update makes it as though it was cut content they removed because it was too confusing for new players... Great job. I like the look a whole lot.
An outline around the text an possibly consistent placement could help a lot
Good idea
This is a great mod. The only thing left is to be more artistic in the presentation. The red text on the red background could use some stroke or perhaps a drop shadow to separate it for easier reading.
I might stop pressing the space before boss fights, so thanks.
Thanks, my overall plan is to try multiple styles on the main bosses until i find a style that works well then put that on all of them.
I can see how you would need to find the ``one'' that suits all the background colors. Thanks again, and know I feel it does the job as is; I just forgot to post ``imo''. ;3
May 14, 2018 - 13 days ago

New text clarification in the Help section for users unable to download mods.