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Extremely overpowered start [Afterbirth]
for those who want completely pure mindless fun!
Created 3 years ago
The creator of the original mod (Disturbed) gave me permission to update his mod, i tried to keep the base formula as much as i could, while also adding small changes, so, about the mod:
This mod gives you all items considered powerful by players in the starting room (Meaning they will also appear once you go to another floor, until cathedral/sheol), grab any items you want, try any combinations you wish, the limit is your imagination! (And your computer, of course)
Last note: please, only use this mod if you have 1001%, or atleast Real Platinum God, dont cheat your way up, if you do, you're removing the fun from the game (Try just using another save)
Here's a link to the original Rebirth version:


x 882

- Added Mac installation to the README.txt file

Anyone know how to open up the mod to use it?
Installed the mod correctly, but nothing is effected. Seems like it might work but it really isn't useful and just messes with the game and causes crashing around 50% of the time...
: 3 idk if its works but this is my first time and i dont no how i download and use shitts and stuff
all it does is crash my game. hen launching afterbirth the game doesnst launch if you try ith rebirth the game is fine until you select your character and try to get in the game.
Nothing special happends, everythings fine but the mod doesn't work. Plz help me. BTW i got it in the right folder
can you help me to install this mod ? It doesn't work
Not working properly, just crashes the game at the load-up for a run... Please fix it or respond with a solution
I might of Abused it a little, Speed is a nightmare though.
June 5, 2018 - 6 months ago

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