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Fixed items and trinkets with no shading/antialiasing
Created 3 years ago
Originally made by /u/NintendoFan37 on Reddit: (all credit for the work goes to him)
I split the icons, replaced the assets, created the mod and uploaded it.

Unpack the ZIP file directly to resources.


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makes stuff so much prettier, thanks for making this!
am i an idiot or can i just not see anything different
i personally liked them how they were but thats just bias talking . good job on the sprite work .
I really enjoy using this mod because I like the style of the items to be consistent, but I'd really like to see a version that doesn't change GB Bug and MissingNo, since those two are supposed to look out of place and giving them proper shading misses the idea of the items in my opinion.
I totally agree with you. You can simply remove them from '\resources\gfx\items\collectibles' if you want to keep the originals.
Yeah I actually figured that out a couple days ago, thanks for telling me anyway!
If anybody is interested, I made this with Item Descriptions.
This is a great mod that adds the finishing touch to a game that is lacking many of them. Thank you for sharing and doing a great job with it.
I found this mod
that improves the second hand trinket greatly. I recommend using this version of the trinket to replace the red line provided in this mod.
It looks so good!
Seriously, this is like a 500% improvement going on just by a few little details.
I really wonder what the fuck they were thinking when spriting these.
Would you be alright with us including this in Godmode?
Probably want to ask the original author linked in the description.
I love this mod, thanks Zatherz!
June 5, 2018 - 12 months ago

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