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Normal Sized Rooms
No tiny or big rooms!
Created 2 years ago

Normal Sized Rooms removes the vast majority of non-standard sized rooms from Afterbirth. This includes all tiny rooms, big rooms, and double trouble boss rooms.

Exceptions: Mega Satan, Hush, Greed Mode, Mr. Fred, and Boss Rush.


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That would be cool in almost every case, except when you have the card against humanity, 'cause you lose a lot of space to fill with poop.
Big rooms are sometimes nice but this mod can be really cool ;)
Interestingly I can not say, but what about the hush and ultra greed !?
What did you use to make this?
You ought to try creating another version of this addon that only generates double corridor rooms (or something feasible). Not sure if it anything remotely similar to this concept could be achieved, though.
Can you create one that only removes tiny rooms?
(Not big rooms or double trouble rooms)
This is something I've wanted to do, but I've been pretty busy with school and other projects. I might try to find an hour or two this week to get it sorted.
Cool! Just make sure that you prioritize school, work, etc. over it!
I think the big and small rooms are a big part of the new Isaac feel. If another one ever comes out, they'll probably still have the oddly shaped rooms. It'd be nice to get some practice before then anyway, right?
Hey, I don't necessarily disagree with you. In fact, I play without using this mod (except for when I was testing it). The point of the mod isn't so much a judgment call about the design of Rebirth, but just a simple idea I had that was enabled by Basement Renovator.
Hey chief. Afterbirth's basement renovator is in alpha. Ask the guys that develop the Godmode Fulfilled mod about it.
This mod uses Afterbirth's Basement Renovator.
My mistake, chief. I misunderstood one of your previous comments.

I will say that while I haven't tried this yet, it's certainly a great idea. It'll make WotL players like me feel more at home. Lord knows I've restarted a few runs simply because I started off surrounded by all huge rooms.
I know that feeling well. A big part of my inspiration was trying to get back to the feel of original Isaac.
perhaps you could change up these normal size rooms and add some different and custom normal sized rooms?
Hey, thanks for the suggestion. Adding new content is something I'd like to do, but for now I'm saving it for Afterbirth+.
you could use basement renovator (also, when is afterbith+ coming out?)
The mod already uses Basement Renovator. I'm not sure when Afterbirth+ is coming out, but hopefully soon.
you could use basement renovator but add some custom stuff this time (doesnt need to be all rooms, just treasure, cursed, etc)
I like the concept this mod offers, being unique in its own way, it made me remember the flash version of the game, and it should get the Seal of Aproval any time!
Good job.
I'd like to have a mod that just removes the tiny rooms. Seriously, those rooms can be really unfair sometimes. But hey, this is still a neat mod.
Hey, thanks for checking it out. I might work on that next. This was a pretty easy little project and just removing tiny rooms is certainly doable.
June 5, 2018 - 17 days ago

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