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Varying special rooms mod
Adds more rooms to your game! (AFTERBIRTH COMPATIBILITY!)
Created 4 years ago

DISCLAIMER: This mod does NOT affect your achievement unlocking! UNLESS you use the AB+ version

DISCLAIMER 2: This mod is NOT compatible with any other room mod, not with the Varying Item Rooms, not with Godmode. It's not compatible now, and it'll likely never be.

DISCLAIMER 3: Cabbage42 is also a developer of the mod, so if you see him in the comments, what he said, can be trusted.

This mod adds 270+ rooms to your game.


This mod on this download page currently is not AB+ compatible (I think). But a guy named -1Up on steam uploaded the mod on the steam workshop.
You can find it here:

Heads up, I might add more rooms in the future, but we'll have to see if I even have time. Either way, I endorse -1Up uploading it on the steam workshop, so I say, download away!


  • -65+ new item rooms!
  • -55 new curse rooms! (watch out for mazes!)
  • -33 new challenge rooms!
  • -18 new devil deal rooms!
  • -16 new secret rooms!
  • -15 new angel rooms! (deal with the angel?)
  • -13 new Super Secret rooms!
  • -10 new arcades!
  • -10 new Sacrifice rooms!
  • -8 new Boss Rush rooms!
  • -8 new Libraries!
  • -5 new chest rooms!
  • -4 new Black Markets!
  • -4 new Isaacs Bedrooms!
  • -3 new shops
  • -3 new dice room
  • -Dice rooms can contain any of the dice items!

Known bugs:

Leaving and continuing a run can lead up to multiple room designs stacking up. It is recommended you try to avoid leaving a run as much as possible.

Things that are changed:

-Spider Curse room is now a curse room that contains a golden key!
-WOMB II/UTERO II devil rooms now contains 2 deals with the devil!
-WOMBII/UTERO II angel room now contains 1 angel room item and 1 soul heart!
-Made the item in the secret room and challenge room a bit more common!
-Given the Krampus fight a chance to spawn with the Perhtro rune for al of your devil item needs. (don't abuse it please)

Tip from the creator:

With this mod, consider taking the hanged man card, you can benefit strongly from it.

How to install:

Extract the .rar inside:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources

If you notice a bug or a broken room of some sorts, leave it down in in the comments


If you really like my mod and want to show appreciation, please consider donating

Every amount is appreciated


x 2623

- Fixed crashing on startup

- The mod should be 100% functional now

- We put the 'fun' back in functional... That was bad...

- Anyway, I've fixed the devil room issue, made my rooms more common and just changed some rooms that weren't working properly for some reason.

- Everything should be fixed now! Sorry I took so long to actually do it...

- Fixed an instant damage room

- Some balance changes

- Fixed the 2x2 empty devil room

- Added a few item rooms

- Changed item rooms with multiple items to be choice item rooms

- Now with 99% reduced crashing!

- Also, added more 0s because why not?

- Removed the insta-damage room


- More rooms will come later!

- Changed the devil rooms so they don't obscure the items you can pay for. Sorry for the inconvenience!

- Added 10 new item rooms!

- Added 5 new secret rooms!

- Added 5 new arcades!

- Added 10 new curse rooms!

- Added 1 new library!

- Added 3 new Sacrifice rooms!

- Changed some rooms to make them work better.

- All of the devil rooms now contain atleast 1 deal! So you can get your precedent.

- I'm working on v1.8, I promise!

- It's the challenge room update!

- 19 new challenge rooms!

- 2 new sacrifice rooms!

- 1 new Angel room!

- 3 new 2nd secret room!

- I hope the crashing bug is fixed. Tell me if the crashing bug still persists.

- Fixed crashing bug (went a little crazy on big rooms heheh).

- Hello! back again with an update. Since Curse rooms and Treasure rooms are the most common in TBoI:R, I've decided to add a buttload of them!

- Adds:

- 18 new treasure rooms

- 11 new curse rooms

- 4 new devil deals

- 1 new angel deal

- 1 new boss rush!

- Changed some rooms so they work properly

- Changed some rooms so they work properly, it's pretty crucial for your gaming experience!

- bug fixes

- Fixed the crashing bug! Hurray!

- Full release!

- Added:

- 3 item rooms

- 3 secret rooms

- 1 arcade

- 2 devil rooms

- 2 boss rush rooms

- 2 isaacs bedrooms

- 4 curse rooms

- 2 black markets

- 3 challenge rooms

- 1 sacrifice rooms

- 2 angel rooms

- 2 dice rooms

- 5 super secret rooms

- Added 2 new item rooms

- Added 1 more Arcade

- Added 11 new curse rooms

- Added 1 more Sacrifice room

- Added 4 new devil deals

- Added 1 more Boss Rush room

- Added 2 new Angel rooms

- Added 3 new challenge rooms

- Added 1 more Library

- Added 1 more Secret room

- Made it so that the Krampus fight can contain a Perthro rune for all of your devil item needs

- Made the shop with 15 cents a bit more uncommon

- Changed some special rooms so they are able to appear

- fixed a bug in the black market room

- 29 new rooms added!

- 1 new isaac room

- 3 new chest rooms

- 1 extra dice room

- 2 more challenge rooms!

- 2 new devil rooms

- 7 new treasure room (new rainbow room?)

- 5 new curse rooms

- 2 new boss rush rooms

- 2 more super secret rooms

- 1 new shop

- 1 angel room

- 2 new secret rooms

- 29 new rooms added!

- 1 new isaac room

- 3 new chest rooms

- 1 extra dice room

- 2 more challenge rooms!

- 2 new devil rooms

- 7 new treasure room (new rainbow room?)

- 5 new curse rooms

- 2 new boss rush rooms

- 2 more super secret rooms

- 1 new shop

- 1 angel room

- 2 new secret rooms

- Removed a crawl space from starting room which was for testing purposes

- added:

- 1 more secret room

- 1 more super secret room

- 2 more curse rooms

- 4 more challenge rooms

- 1 more library

- 1 more sacrifice

- Removed:

- 1 crawl space because it was broken :(

- added:

- 1 more secret room

- 1 more super secret room

- 2 more curse rooms

- 4 more challenge rooms

- 1 more library

- 1 more sacrifice

- Removed:

- 1 crawl space because it was broken :(

- Added 1 new isaac bedroom

- Added 2 chest rooms

- Added 1 big black market

- Added 2 new shops (only works if you have shop upgrade lv. 5)

- Added 4 more rooms

- Added 1 more Secret room

- Added 2 new Super Secret rooms

- Added 1 more arcade

- Added 5 more curse rooms

- Added 2 more challenge rooms

- Added 2 more Libraries

- Added 2 new sacrifice rooms

- Added 4 more Devil Deals

- Added 3 more Angel rooms

- Added 1 more Boss Rush

- Added 2 new item rooms

- Added 1 more curse rooms

- Changed the 2 free items in WOMB II/UTERO II devil rooms

- Added new dice rooms

- Added a new black market

- Added 1 more arcade

- Added 3 new Angel rooms

This does look nice however some of the rooms are just a little too much, thank you anyways!
Game always crashing btw i am playing reirth
Freaking amazing! Thank you
Also,seems Hanged Bub is FINALLY USEFUL
(Well,at least for me hehe)
Hey! This mod makes the game not as boring anymore! 9/10 sometimes feel like cheating whilst using this but not really lol
I LOVE this mod. it just adds that little touch to give you some random stuff instead of the same boring items you get in special rooms.
Is it normal that with AB+ I can't unlock anything right?
Sweet and diverse, but potentially game-breaking. There are also an excessive amount of rooms exploitable by flight, such as The Hanged Man card, Lord of The Pit, Beelzebub, etc.
afterbirth+ version crashes the game all the time.
Я не могу понять как этот мод установить вроде делаю как в инструкции но все равно не получается помогите
При привязке к папке «Исаак» щелкните ресурсы и вставьте файл
Bir Türk varsa cevap versin mod nasıl indiriliyor cahil gibi kaldım
Its very good mod that changing boring special rooms
чёт Русскии развелись)0
Кто подскажет, можно ли играть в этот мод без afterbirth?
My game crashes whenever I start it..
So happy about AB+ version!Thank you so much!
awesome rooms especially the secret rooms good job
Does it work with antibirth installed?
Just making sure
This mod removes enemies from rooms for me, when I enter a room dust particles you get from killing something show up, and with daddy's love item it tries to kill something when there is nothing there. Any fixes?
Are all of the donation machines supposed to be replaced with Restock boxes?
I have the same problem regarding the donation machines being replaced with restock boxes
More creative rooms are always welcome
looks like someone made a port a couple comments down. I'll also port the mod soon I've been out of touch with jelmer for a while
This crashes the game whenever you enter the Void.
Is this mod compatible with AfterBirth+?
the thumbnail is my isaac experience in a nutshell
i cant use is when i start a run it gives me a runtime error but when i remove the mod it works en yes put the mods at the correct folder
you have to take the winrar folder, not just the one inside ;)
It works fine on Rebirth,but when i play it with afterbirth it crashes.I don't know if it's because of my other mods or not,but im using a mod for custom hit sounds and a custom song for my shop,i don't know if that's the cause or not.
Very good mod (IMHO).If you wanna get funny "the run",this mod will do it for you :0
THANK you so much for this mod..... I like getting suprises in special rooms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I know you said this isn't compatible with any other room mod. But what about a Greed Mode room mod? Is it compatible with a mod that only changes Greed Mode?
Which mod specifically? I could try it for you if you haven't yet.
Could You Also Try The Mod Fill You're Greed Machine In 1 Hour Mod?
The "More Options" item completely negates the entire mod.
afterbirth+ compability?
i dont want to loose those sweet achievements
I do not think it will be possible to play this mod and have achievements enabled. Sorry bro :c
Mac? I'm having trouble downloading on mac
can i play this mod with some other room mod like the spears room mod?
Fantastic mod. After 200+ hours, things started to get repetitive. This mod brought new life to the game all over again.
Its downloaded as an .stb for me and i cant open the file
Same here, I really want this mod
And i'll get it any way I can
Great mod! Except for when you don't have flight when you need it...
can you unlock achievements with the mod??
Yep, it says that the mod doesn't affect unlocks at the introduction.
i get runtime error all the time i try to play
I think I've found a bug?

There's this challenge room, but its slightly off on the map (like in a place it shouldn't be).

I entered the special room, but there were no exits! Luckily I picked up the Glowing Hourglass, or I would have been stuck there.

I have screenshots if you need to see them.
enjoying it and helps my bad play just wish shops had the donation machene
How do I extract the .rar file. I have tried everything.
You have to use a software such as WinRAR, you can easily find it online.
wen i try to play a game it crashes please help
Panda, whats your problem? Instalation mod?

How to install:
Extract the .rar inside:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources
how do i get the bod on the game? I have installed it and now what?
you need to copy and paste the contents of the zip file into the following location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
This mod makes it both frustrating and fun to play Issac, thank you!
I love the idea and the execution of this mod!
This mod makes a significant difference to item chances.
And it wants to rip you in half genitals first.
Good mod , makes the game slightly easier or slightly harder!
One of my favourite mods
Even though it´s just a room mod it can change the way your run goes completely
Intresting, but noting i would play with.
id like to bring a ttention to the fact tht one of the arcades has a blocked in crawlspace but if you use a hanged man card to get in you cant get out and have to kill yourself... this happened to me in womb 2 with trhe mega satan key ready to go
a suggestion to fix it... put transcendence, or annother hanged man card, or something of the like next to the crawlspace
Another thing you can do is just exit the game and re enter and it puts you at the door of the room.
i did but i already went in the crawlspace and got out so it put me at the crawlspace exit not the arcade exit... it only had charm of the vamp so im kinda pissed
So I downloaded the mod, extracted it into the BoI resources folder and everything (extracted folder is right next to Packed), but it still doesn't seem to be working? I've only had time to do 2 runs so far, but I haven't seen any changes from the vanilla game yet. Any troubleshooting tips?
did you remember to restart the game before the runs.
Making the game so mcuh more fun and interesting, than kyou
I've only found a few, in my first run i thought i didn't install it right because i didn't find any new rooms till depths II
I would think nearly the opposite, as it suppresses some forms of cheats and adds more randomness to it.
I haven't even found all of the different rooms yet, but it already is fun.
Nice Job I need more text XD i am bored in mi house and i say go play one mod haha me life in one page
With certain common angel rooms can you not bomb the statue?
I downloaded it twice and it didn't give me any .rar before or after extracting.
One of the best Mods I have ever played!
Really love this mod! It isn't too overpowered
how you do this?, with a program? please reply me!
like all mods, just drag/ copy the game file into the resources folder. to get there go to the steam game's local files by right clicking. to turn off the mod, just delete/ move all files except the packed. the packed is the game files, so don't delete that. God thank Gaben for the steam cloud if you delete it on accident.
This mod is really good~
I'm glad this one was the first mod I ever installed, great job
this Mod is so nice.i mean it sometimes give you more items then vanila but it makes the game a bit harder to. for an example when you want to go to mega satan you haveto fight the angels and sometimes the angel room is like it is harder to fight because of the strukture of the floor
This is the BEST mod that adds new rooms!
@Jelmerlicious Just had a bug with one of the boss challenge rooms. I have no other mods installed and I did not exit the run at all. So, the room came up as a double room but when I entered it turned into a single room but it was the side without the door, so i am trapped in the room. pls help. I have a screen shot if there is some way to show you it. thanks.
Oooh Boy! This mod is awesome, dude. Thank you so much! I hope you are ready for Afterbirth +
I am so ready for Afterbirth+!

If the offical room making program has some extra features that I can use. I might remake this mod and make it even better!
this mod looks like it might fuck me up as much as it would help me dose it?
замечательный мод
I got a Run Time error while playing around with room stacking.
If you can, find a way to fix the bug.
11/10 the best mod in the world play with pleasure
Ok, so I downloaded the mod and the unzipped file in the resource folder on Windows 7. It is say it is an stb file, but I have not found any different tiles other than those that are normally in Isaac. Did I do something wrong?
Gideon did you try just using it? Lol I'm not helpful much if this doesn't work then let me know I can probably fix it..
you drag the rooms file into the resources and done. not the stb file, the file with the stb in it.
Is this for mac? I tried to download many times, and it doesn't work...
This is the best modification to Isaac adds rooms
Can someone help me? I can't make it work in mac
so I downloaded the mod and I'm using WinRAR but it says its a STB file, did I do something wrong?
How do you know the mod is working? And is this mod for Mac OS X?
how do you get to the staem folder thing
right click the binding of isaac rebirth in your library, go to properties, and click local content. then you just drag the rooms in the resources to download.
Oh yes a mod who get the game moar easy
The ton of profitable rooms that need flight to traverse make Azazel even more OP than usual.
всем вопрос кто знает напишите пж поч когда я уже установил мод у меня айзек зависает и все не отвисает почему напишите пж зарание спасибо
как ты это сделал?
вышл из стима на этом сайте и вошёл заного и всё рабило
я не могу загрузить мод почему я купил в стиме лицуху и не могу нажать на кнопку всёравно
It doesn't work for me and I'm on a Mac. Can anyone come up with a fix for me?
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mod XD
Well, i would love to try this game, but i can't really download it
can someone give me the direct link? Like the link it sends you to when you click download. Mediafire/Dropbox etc.

Thank you.
Some rooms, like curse room from photo
Not working.. game works fine but didn't get any new rooms.
This is such a great mod! Item rooms are exciting now! It's always a surprise!
очень много разных комнат!
this wont work followed instructions and nothing
This is a great mod! I really love all of the new content it adds!
Yes...just..yes. Let's just hope that it works
I got this mod, and I still love it!! You did a really good job!! Keep it up!!
Я Почему у меня не робит я установил правильно но как только я запускаю то у меня вылетает
Этот мод для afterbirth версия,разработчик мода дал ссылку на rebirth версию мода.
This mod trolls have some races lol
The mod is not working for me at all for some reason. I have it in the resources folder, but it just crashes on start-up every time. Any help? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
Ahh. Got it fixed. Great mod now that i see its' content. I love the amount of item rooms that are filled with poop.
This makes The game So Waste OF Stuff!
Makes the item rooms more desirable to be open.
This plus the chud mod breathes much needed fresh air into the stuffy boi that comes after years of gameplay.
Тебе нужна лицензия на твоём аккаунте Steam.
I need to add more text here -_-
Also, small bug I found and I have no idea why, I started a seed with maggie next to an item room, on the minimap, the door appeared to be displayed by a secret room and only above the secret room was the item room. When I entered the item room, it took me to the item room, however, the room was glitched and the door which i came in from disappeared. Also, the 4 item pedistals were glitching out and I could only pick up one. Seed: A4Q7 OAKJ
Also, try resetting the game after starting it
quick question: is there a version of this mod that doesn't punish you for not getting flight on the first few floors?
There's too many rooms where you're taunted with an item that you can't get because of pits/steel blocks. It honestly just feels cheap.
The best mod to replace the gold rooms!
I've got this working, or at least I think it's working, with diversified treasure rooms. Also, the curse rooms are just amazing now, definitely worth going into in the womb
no puedo descargar soy nuevo sorry
Did you by any chance find out? I'd like to know this as well.
This isn't compatible with Agony of Isaac because that mod adds in new rooms to the game like this mod.
Used a The Stars card it teleported me on the wrong side of an indestructable wall in the item room. I could fly so I could escape but be careful with teleport cards.
this mode mostly made get mad be joyful or nearly throw my laptop across the room pick up shattered pieces grab a hammer and smash them even more
Amazing mod. I love how it doesn't erase the original rooms as well. Flawlessly compatible with the Binding of Undertale Mod. Great Job!
I've downloaded this mod and I removed it from my recourses folder to use the op item start mod but it still seams to be active after I have un installed this mod from the folder HELP PLZ
Very Challenging Also Trying to reach 30 coins.
does this work for rebirth? When i start up a run i keep getting a runtime error. the game works when i take the mod off, but when i put it on it crashes.
oh i didn't notice that. thanks!
Such an awesome mod. But if I can ask, if you are going to update the mod then maybe change boss trap and mob trap rooms. But only the big ones, I would like 4 or 5 waves instead of three that the small ones have.
It's a good thing this mod works for afterbirth then.
my isaacafterbirth is pirate its not FUCKING FUNNY!!!!!
Why don't you just buy the game for 2 reasons?
1. You won't be illegal
2. You support the developers to make more games in the future
worked great and it suits the game well
Mod's not working for me, none of the rooms are showing up
Make sure you place the files in the resources folder, not the packed one.
When I go into a devil room sometimes it will crash my game.
I just have a question before downloading, is this compatible with a skin mod like Binding of Undertale? I know this is probably a dumb question, but I like to make sure.
Nevermind, but I don't think this works in greed mode. Is this on purpose?
They both work fine, I'm using them right now.
The mod creators didn't add special greed mode rooms.
Broken Special Room
In the item room with the demon begger and coin begger seperated by a horizontal gap, the one with 2 items, 4 red flames(by demon begger), 4 normal flames(by coin begger), I took a telepills into that room and was stuck on the side with the demon begger since i didn't have flying
What a great challenge!
Although, this may lead to some frustration...
it isn't working for me I extracted it and put it in resources but it wont work am I doing something wrong?
It's the best thing since...fat...moms...oh
Love this mod! It adds variety to the game, which is one thing binding of Isaac will always benefit from. Thank you!
Is there a way to merge the special room files with that of the diversified treasure rooms mod?
Awesome mod! Good one to play with azazel
especially with a ton of extra spd >.<
Flight in any form makes this a super ridiculous gamebreak. I LOVE IT .
Please don't judge, i'm new to this. Can i ask what App people use to extract .rar files?
Thank you!! You will be remembered!! ahah
i need a password to extract it
This means your account isn't the administrator of the computer, consider asking whoever got it for you.
in the 2x1 challenge rooms, when i left the run and re-entered, the room became 1x1 and i was stuck
Seen this before. Wanted to use it. It is really fun.
Looks fun althought some rooms looke pretty mean
I've seen videos of this..and it's awesome!
This is Amazing. Makes the game that much better.
ah finaly a way to be more masochistic
Can I extract it into the afterbirth resource folder or does it have to be the rebirth folder? And if I do have to extract in the rebirth file how will it work for afterbirth?
do you need to extract it fo it to work
Really good mod. Changes up gameplay a bit, sometimes making it easier, other times harder. All around fun to use!
I have had 2 crashes so far due to a devil deal, idk what it is because everytime i go in it crashes, and I had to skip the devil deal on that floor after it crashed twice.
I've downloaded it but it just doesn't seem to work and I've put it in my RebirthFolder.
Did you put it in the resources folder?
I've put the .rar file in my resources folder but when i load up the game all the rooms are the same. i don't know what i'm doing wrong
Not .rar in the resources folder. Put the contents of the .rar if the resources folder.
I encountered a minor issue with this mod. During a run I was doing, a narrow horizontal room spawned in The Chest, which spawned The Haunt as the only enemy. Once I killed the mini ghosts to make him vulnerable he started acting strangely, and his hitbox became very inconsistent.
That doesn't have anything to do with my mod
That is because you were too close to the wall he was on, more an issue of the game itself that sadly can't be fixed without altering the room. Just hope that room is removed or altered in the next Isaac update
i know it is a great mod but it doesnt work for me because i dont know how to use .rar files but i know how to use zipp files. if u can pls help me i would appreciate it. tks. ps: sorry for my spelling
Anyone else seem to have issues with 1x2 and 2x2 special rooms whenever they exit and resume the run?
this adds a bit of a spin on the rooms LOVE it
This will make the special rooms more fun!
This mod ads SO MUCH MORE diversity to the game, this is an amazing mod!!!
Finally that 2x2 devil room gets fixed! It was really annoying but now the mod can be as great as ever!
Is There... a room with all tinted rocks????????????????????
I'm having an issue with run seed PHXXHK70. Entering the devil room on basement II crashes the game. Tested playing as either Cain or Azazel.
still one of my favorite mods aaaa
For some reason all of the troll bombs just become bomb pick-ups for me.
how do I install that. Can anybody help me please?
Look in the help page on this website! It might help!
Dear i have an issue, sometimes when i get the devil room, when i get in the devilroom is empty an is a room 4x4 a big one can you please check that out?
I am not sure how to install the mod, do I put it in packed or just in recourses?
it is a challenge. i like it and i dont like it.
From the screenshots this looks like fun torture!
I thought it was a pretty noice mod 8/10
can anyone d me the download file via skype? or email? my skype is KurisuChan1992. user: KurisuChan1992. Email: [email protected] ty i know how to manually patch mods.
GOOD MOD Even if the new rooms don't show up that much
I was doing a cain run and it was going very well, probably could have won it.

That was untill i used a stars card and it put me into a place that i cant get out of.
That sucks... I have been ther before. XD
Shhhhh.... ( it's "god" of the mods
It may seem strange, but really makes this game a little better this mod (Tak przy okazji, pozdrawiam Elevena! :])
english: this not a cheated mod ! just add hard and easy room
fran�ais: ce mod n'est pas un cheat ! il ajoute juste des room facile et dure
ps: i'm french / je suis fran�ais :p
I found an complete empty 2 x 2 devil room. Is this supposed to be a troll or a bug?
Either way, Its cool
Adds some challenge and balances it some more.
Thanks for creating this awesome mod!
Awesome Mod! Love it! Keep up the amazing work!
Cool rooms overall but I had to remove some of them.
Hmmm good mod.. can you please make one for afterbirth?
You know, I just purchased Isaac today and I just kept dying on Basement l/ll, but when I downloaded this mod, I just couldn't stop laughing maniacally. 10/10. Great Job.
If you play with this mode so early in the game you wont get good as much. i suggest you uninstall it and beat mom once then install it again.
Always loved that mod, made things easier, or harder depending on the rooms you get
It seems that my game crashes every time I've gone into a Catacombs XL Devil deal. I never see the room, it crashed in the doorway.
Very nice mod but please don't add rooms filled with key blocks
Me:Looks at first screenshot
Me:Holy Shiz
Aprende a escribir en ingles mejor, si hablas en esppa�ol, nadie te entendera jajaja.
A ver, si te aparece in gris, es porque no tienes comprado el juego, y por tal razon, no tienes derecho a descargarlo (Cosas legales, culpa a Gabe)
how the hell do you use this mod it brings up a notepad?
You have to extract it by using a program like 7-Zip
Found a 2x2 devil room and it was completely empty as far as I could tell. Something tells me I must have missed the point of it - for future reference, what can you do in that room?
I totally forgot to do anything with that room. I created it and forgot to put anything in it, sorry for the inconvenience.
Oooh, good to know, at least I didn't miss out on anything! Loving all the other rooms though, if nothing else, that empty room balances out some of the super good ones :P
i tried to go to a devil deal after i beat the fallen and the game crashes every time
??? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ?????
Spiced up my game without overhauling it, thanks a lot, man!

The grammar was on point, but you missed one "s" in "interessante".

Good job, though.
is the room with the body/mind/soul, godhead and butterbean real?
Its great but when i downloaded it, the game froze on startup and I had to backup the games files so I could start the game. Just a minor complaint, but otherwise, Its great, and it also makes the game a little easier c: 98/100 Would Item Again.
when i try to play it crashes?? anyone know why??
Do you have Afterbirth or just Rebirth?
Try Backing up the game files on steam. That worked for me.
There seems to be some bug. Bum on the right gave me a Joker card and when I elft the devil room, I was on this side and can't do anything to get out
Nevermind, I just had to leave the run and come back to be on the right side again
It should. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't.
Be patient untill the new basement renovator comes out

Glad you like the mod, though ;)
So, am I meant to be able to take EVERY item in the rooms, because it just seems like I should only get 1 of them.
Well, I'll make it that way when the actual room editor comes out.

For now, have fun being OP
Also: for .rar files use something like WinRar or 7zip, at least that is what most people use- that i know of, anyway.
You will needto download Winrar or 7zip to be able to extract the files to your isaac game for it to function
Here's A Bug: I had a run with epic fetus and mutant spider and I used a stars card. It teleported me to the item room that is split in the middle and I was on the left side and the right side had the exit door. I also didn't have flying so I was stuck there with no way out. I would recommend adding a teleport card/pill in both halves so this doesn't happen to any other players.
Just leave the run and rejoin again, you'll spawn at the entrance.
Well that was a long time ago, so I lost a winnable blue baby run *sigh*
I've installed it the way it told me to but i've yet to encounter any of these new rooms.
download winrar or 7zip to be able to extract to isaaac
Download winrar or 7zip to able to extract your files to isaac
Yeah it looks interresting. I will try it now
Makes the game much more interesting
I have never been more fucked over by any item room as hard as I am being fucked over right now... I am very depressed...
The key one... I am always one key away from a great item!
But i never get the key i need. T-T
Just found a treasure room that locks you in;
It's a small half-sized horizontal hallway room where if you enter from a previous room either from a north or south door, you get trapped upon entering. The door is out of bounds past the walls preventing you from leaving the room.
Do you have a screenshot or a seed? There should be no skinny rooms added by this mod at the current time. I should be able to fix it if could actually see the room and see the issue.
I do have a screenshot. How can I send it to you?
How can i download a previous version?
I don't believe there is a way to, sorry x.x

what do you need a previous version for though? the most current afterbirth version has only contained bugfixes from the initial port.
the game crashes when i run it (i don't have afterbith), well there is no problem i just wait the next release
the rebirth version of the mod is linked in the description. you'll need to use that :P
mmm ok i'm very stupid sorry T.T (and thanks)
Quick question; I believe I'm doing something wrong when adding the .stb file to my resource folder. I scrolled down to see if my problem has already been answered, and two things popped up. One, I'm using a mac, which I'm pretty sure doesn't make a difference (correct me if I'm wrong) when adding the file to the folder, and two, I saw that one possible solution is to add the .stb file to the 'rooms' folder, which is non existent on my mac files for the game (since these files within the 'packed' folder in the game such as 'rooms,' 'sfx,' and 'graphics' are labels as .a files, and they are not accessible folders). Am I doing something wrong, or is there just no Mac support or something, in which I think isn't a plausible cause, as it might just be my lack of competency of file extensions and locations.
the rooms folder should be in the same directory as the packed folder. if it is not just make it and place the file in there. I don't own a mac so I can't help much more than that, but I'm pretty sure mac is supported as long as afterbirth runs on mac xD
I'll try making a folder in the 'packed' folder. It's weird; what you're saying makes perfect sense, and that much I do understand how to do. I guess on PC the files in the 'packed' folder aren't using the extension ".a;" I can't even open those files. I'll see what happens. If anyone has gotten it to work on mac, let me know, because it shouldn't be too complicated.
That seems to have done the trick! Thank you! <3
I was saying in the same directory as the packed folder. not in the packed directory or in the packed folder. sorry that that caused confusion for you x.x
Played one run with this mod- I literally destroyed everything.
Great mod all around.
How i can download when i have pirated version?
if you pirate you cant get mods, buy the game, support the devs
fix this please, it fucks a winnable run
how exactly did that happen? did you spawn there upon entering the room and got stuck?
Sorry, but that was caused by your own "strategic strategies". You used hanged man card and went into the crawl space, but you can't fly when you exit the crawl space, which led to you being stuck, next time this happens, just leave and rejoin the game again, you'll spawn at the entrance
the mod its cool but every time i took the spider mod item my game crash, someone with the same problem?
This mod seems pretty cool, i have been looking for some variety and this ought to do it.
I am really enjoying this mod, its great!
This mod only adds content to the game and does not remove any of the existing rooms so play a few more runs and I'm sure that you will find a new one.

This mod does not currently change anything in greed mode either.
Does this work on mac? If not, it should.
just a question: why doesn't it work with other mods?

is it changing room, or adding them

if the former, can't that be fixed once the level editor is out?
It definitely doesn't work with other mods that add or change special rooms for sure since they modify the same file and that isn't fixable even with a level editor.

Feel free to try it out with other mods as it is compatible with a fair bit, but you get no guarantee as to what will work and what won't! If you get asked to overwrite anything it is NOT compatible for sure.
This mod is great for some varyity, but as of now, I think you should only be able to take one item. and just give more options rather then take all of them.
Don't have the ability to do that at the moment
Is it okay if I use this in a modpack sort of thing I'm working on? Full credit will be given and I might not even upload it.
The mod isn't working for me when i put it in resources i feel like the file I'm getting isn't right but just in case this is whats its named. varying-special-rooms-mod_1.00009.rar
You'll need a program such as WinRAR or 7ZIP (Both free) to ounpack the .RAR file. The rooms folder inside the archive is what goes in your resources folder,not the .RAR file itself.
"This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod"

You should probably specify that it's not compatible with mods that /alter room layouts/. I have this installed with the Undertale Overhaul mod, and since it doesn't modify any room layouts, it works perfectly fine with this mod. c:
Would LOVE if there is a mac version
1.9 and 1.0.9 crashs the game when I attempt to start a new run
1.9 crashes the game while trying to start a new run
that's funny, it crashed on launch for me :v new less crashy version is out!
It should be by using the drop down menu, but it doesn't seem to work. latest version shouldn't crash ^o^
What room editor did you use? I've been trying to use Basement Renovator for personal uses, but it won't work for me.
If you'ld like to join the BoI Discord server (linked in the subreddit's sidebar) I could help you out with modding afterbirth rooms. It's a little tricky at the moment.
Actually, I don't have Afterbirth, I assumed that the floor editors would be the same, do you know of a working Rebirth floor editor?
sorry I've never used an editor before s: maybe try asking around on themoddingofisaac subreddit?
I've looked around there A LOT, they all use .PY files that I even did all the steps correctly for, yet don't work.
sorry but I really don't know anything about room editors. I know how to add new rooms or edit existing rooms, but I do it by directly editing the .xml files.
maybe you shouldn't have pirated the game :^)
Current version is broken guys. Crash whenever trying to start a new game with a character
I fixed what I broke. next version should work. for now use ver. 1.0.9 sorry for the inconvenience ^^;
hi, sorry if this seems like a stupid question buthow do i get older versions of the file? (since i didn't download the 1.09 version when it was released)
I assumed that you could get them by using the dropdown menu to select a different version, but it looks like that's just a change log s: either way new version is up now!
so i tried to install the mod to the resources folder, and when i try to start a run the game crashes? any ideas??
use version 1.0.9

version 1.9 is broken atm
Awesome mod, just need a difficulty increase since you have so many items gets kinda brainless.

Anyways, got stuck after using a stars card.
do you have the seed you got stuck on?
did you exit and resume during that run?
This item room configuration is literally unavoidable damage. Full heart unavoidable damage. From a reward room. If I had one heart entering here it'd have been a huge middle finger in my face.
sorry about that ^^;
I had seen this room but got tired of going through the code after updating it for afterbirth.
I passed on a version of the mod without that room in it to Jelmerlicious so it may be updated in the next few days.
how about simple re-textures? is it compatible with those?
I did :^) i tried it and it worked!
How did you make the new rooms? With the Basement Ranevator?
so i just put the stb file to my resources folder?
No, in the rooms folder in the rooms folder.
Seed: BGG16NX1
Floor: Flooded Caves II
Bug: No exit to item room.
Character: Judas
it happened to me before, i got out of it by going to secret room that was right next to it. some one told me that it happened because i save and quitted then came back to the game.
HEy bro can you send me a Link for the new Basement Renevator or did you write the rooms in words?
leaving and continuing will permanently make copies of rooms?
leaving and continuing causes multiple special room layouts to try to occupy the same room.
This can lead to certain rooms being unexitable thus ending your run.
If you have to quit and resume later try not to enter special rooms on the floor you saved on to prevent issues.
Hope that helped and wasn't too confusing ^_^;
More vanilla rooms are showing up than modded rooms. unlike the one in rebirth
How did you manage to edit rooms in Afterbirth? :0

Remember the Discord chat the Reddit is hosting?
Someone told he would "afterbirth" it for him
So now he is learning to make it afterbirth, cause its hell hard
>version 1.0.9
hahahaha you fucking memester anyways well done
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! finally!
Once this mod is updated, it will be ten times better. No matter, it's still an amazing mod
look at how updated it is! it is now 10 times better!
Hey... I know you from somewhere... can't put my finger on it, but I DO know you from somewhere... :p
Will this mod delete my save?, and how do i remove it and will the save get removed then?
The save file won't be removed by this mod.
No mods ever remove your save data unless it's like a remove data mod, but who makes that?
when will it be updated to afterbirth?
This is a really good mod. I tried making a room mod once, and it is harder than you would think. Good job man.
How do I install this im new to rebirth... D>
Go to your BOI rebirth resources folder and put it in there. The BOI rebirth resources folder should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth.
Sorry, put the rooms file in there. I should have been more specific.
I did it but it dosent work can i contact you on skype so you can show me??
I dont have skype but send the files to [email protected] I can put in a Notepad file telling how.
And it doesn't work if you have the DLC
yay item room but i need lodes of keys :'(
If the game ever gets boring, this adds 100% more replay value.
What if i already have a 00.specialrooms.stb file... will it still work if it is named 00.specialrooms(1).stb?
i might try to figure somthin out.. but i doubt i can get it to work
hmmm wait.. what if it was 01.specialrooms.stb whould it work then?
Haha, I admire your creativity.

But the filename has to be 00.specialrooms.stb

Sorry, bro, but it's not possible.
oh well :P i have tested urs and i like ur 00.Specialrooms.stb more...
Nice mod. It was one of the first mods I installed coming to this site. Can't wait until it supports Afterbirth.
im waiting............................................................................
Me too................................
When you update it to afterbirth, please keep the rebirth file in there too. I want to be able to play it on rebirth before I get afterbirth.
No problem!

It's good that you mention this, because I would've probably deleted it without thinking twice about it.

I'll put a mirror link for Rebirth in the mod when it's for Afterbirth.
Believe me, I want to update this as much as you want the update, I can't stand my work being unusable, so please be patient along with me, Basement renovator hasn't updated yet.
You right, sorry i didnt know you have too mutch work to do
Oh nonono, don't apologise, there's no need to.

I've been in your shoes aswel.

Waiting for something to update, I can get impatient.

I totally understand you guys, and I really want to update it aswel.

The only thing I can really say to everyone is:
"Be patient"
I'm Extremely sorry i mean once this is updated i will be spreading this out to my friend's And showing them your awesome work! Because this look's freaking amazing <3
No, it's okay.

and I appreciate that you will spread the word once the update is out. I really do, more than you'd think
Well i am glad i will be a big help as i am a huge binding of isaac fan and seeing this mod i was like what! no afterbirth yet? Aw man i was so excited but please don't stress your self out over us take your time and make it better then ever because a rush product is never a fun product lol
As soon as the new Basement Renovator comes out, I will make the mod immediately compatible with Afterbirth and will hold-off on the new rooms so you guys can atleast play this mod with Afterbirth.
Nice And trust me i will be helping you as much as i can i have already been showing friend's about this mod recently to, Because it does show alot of interest C:
When the new Basement Renovator comes out.
Hey can you change the bossrush with the basement Ranevator
If you mean the rooms, then yes.

If you mean the waves that spawn, then no.
I Cant Get Mods Is It Beacause I Have Afterbirth? Please Help Does It Word With Steam???? Plz Reply!
This doesn't work with Afterbirth until I am able to make it compatible with Afterbirth.
I know... But If I want to update this mod now... I have to rewrite all these 270 rooms in words...

I can't handle all that...
I couldn't think of a reason why it shouldn't.
Nope, on the contrary even, it doesn't even work with Aterbirth
can you please make this work with afterbirth
Don't worry, I will be able to when the Basement Renovator for Aftebirth is released. Be patient please, I'm also dying over here, because I have some awesome room ideas for my Afterbirth version
Game crashes as soon as i select a character to start the game
A rar file? How do I use those or where do I put them?
Download the free trial of WINrar to open .rar type files and view their contents
Can anyone help me? No mods work, even though follow these exact instructions. If anyone can tell me what i'm doing wrong, it'd be really great, thanks! (I have windows ten, btw)
Windows 10, eh...?

Could you send me some pictures of where your .stb file is located?

I might be able to help.
Thanks anyways, i might try that l8r...
Can you please covert the file BEFORE you put it into the mod? i don't want to accidenly download a fake rar. file converter on my school computer.
No, I can only upload .rar files on moddingofisaac.

If you REALLY want it on your school (for whatever reason), use an USB stick to transport it from your home to school.
Is this safe to download? Sorry I'm just really paranoid. I saw a youtuber play it and it looked fun, so I wanted to see if it was safe.
It's safe, I can assure you, I didn't put a virus in this file.

I really wouldn't have a reason to put a virus in this file, except for being a huge dick, and I'm not.

So download it, it's safe. ;)
can someone send a copy to me via email, [email protected] is mine it says that i dont have it
So what file do i need to extract it to the one in the description doesn't work
If the file you got is an std file, then just put that in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources
just double click the .rar file sinse you have winrar to see it like that
in side the file you will see the file you need
It worked for a couple runs now its not
If you could go into a bit more detail, I could help you.
I know it says this up on the top but i REALLY need to know, does this disable achievement unlocking for Steam
No it doesnt. They changed it so mods do not disable achieves anymore!
does the varied item rooms mod work with this?
porque no estas con la cuenta de steam o no tienes comprado el juego :v
hmm can some1 help me figure out why this mod is not working for me i'm using that weird modmanager program and it still not working
You should just extract the zip file in the resources folder. No modmanager needed.
Are you sure it's a .zip file? Because whenever I try and download it, it always gives me a .rar file... And I have no idea how to open .rar files.
Rar is basically the same as a zip file.
Of course you can!

What appears to be the problem?
Ya plump that right into the resources folder.
Hey is it possible to use this mod without having to delete this other special room stb I have from a diff folder
You should make a harder version of this. More difficult rooms but better rewards. And it removes the OP devil rooms (seriously. 9 devil room items for free is OP as shit)
How about that 1.8? Waiting till afterbirth or just decide not to make it?
Coming soon, in a theater near you.

School's just fucking everything up.
How can i download this as a zip file? It only downloads as a std file....
It downloads a .rar file for me... It SHOULD work just fine :/
Strange it downloads as a std file ;(
Well, you can just put .std file in the rooms file which is inside the resources file, right?
the reason that is because jelmerlicous has winrar which lets him get the full use of that file
Is it possible for you to post a youtube video or something of this?
Sure! I'd be glad if someone did that.

Just be sure to credit the mod in the description in the video.
If you want I could send you some pictures of game play for you. Just contact me on Skype. I'm smerson1 but my name displayed is My name is Name so search up smerson1
If you want I could send you some pictures of game play for you. Just contact me on Skype. I'm smerson1 but my name displayed is My name is Name so search up smerson1
Whenever i put this in my resources file it doesn't work- help!
Don't worry, you DID make a mistake and it can be easily fixed.

Make a folder in the resources folder called "rooms" and put the file in there.
This mod is a bit OP. I am on the first floor (Curse of the Labyrinth with Judas) and I got a devil deal. It has 7 black hearts in it. It's not really fun to be that OP on almost every run.
I've played with this mod long enough. I'm not OP every run, I still lose once in a while.

And that devil deal might seem OP at first, but if you get that Devil deal in the late game, it's kind of a bummer.

I'd suggest playing some more runs, I can assure you that it's not as OP as it looks.
I've been playing this mod for a while more and it still seems a bit too OP. I like it though.
Does this mod work with the other varied item mod?
i dont see any changes i the game
Huh, weird, if you really did that, it should work...
I have issues with externals and mods. Try reinstalling Isaac on the C drive.
Thx i don't want to put my steam acoount public :| i don't know why it's necesary.....
So people who have a cracked version cant get mods
can you please make a mac version?
I put the files in the right folder but when I enter the game nothing
Just remove the "rooms" folder in the "resources" folder.
there is no room folder in the resources folder...
Hey, thought I should let you know that I released the combination mod. You can look at it here. If you want me to credit you in any way I didn't already, please feel free to.
Alright, you credited me. It's good.
The Item room with the rock-bomb path doesn't work properly, there is always one line of rocks at the end. :/
I know, you have to use one extra bomb to get to the item, if you think it's worth it, of course ;)
Is it possible either you or the creator of this mod:
could make some kind of compatibility patch for each other?
I've given the other guy permission, if he wants, he can merge them together.
I plan on using the editor to merge all of the rooms together in one mod. I could release it, but obviously as it is your mod too you feel free to release it as well.

Question: Do you use XML/Sirius' editor, the Basement Editor, or something else entirely?
Do I have to put the .rar file into a zipped folder or do I just move it into the resources itself?
i cant download even tough i have a shared copy open
Hiya. I've made a very similar mod and I'd like to know with your permission if I could combine this and that into one mod.
I need help on how to download with a shared copy
Well, sure. But keep in mind that I'm still updating this mod, so if you just keep your mod with the freshest version of this one, it's okay.
I'm not 100% sure if i like the king room sometimes being replaced by an item that you could go and buy in the shop. like in my last play through, i walked in and found Greed next to a bomb that costed five cents. Wonderful mod, either way!
I'm also playing with this mod, it is indeed very disapointing to see walk into an item room and seeing a heart for sale. :I
the bug and possible crashing (though i dont see any reports on this) could possibly have been caused by resizing rooms. generally you're going to want to keep rooms the same size as their original rooms, this means large rooms should have the same variant id as other large rooms (dont think this is needed for normal sized rooms, probably a default if the game finds an unknown variant id) so this means sadly if you want everything to work nicely you're gonna have to remove or change your special large rooms into normal sized rooms.
I love room mods. Gonna put this riiight on top of my agony of Isaac
I'm honored you'll play this with one of the biggest mods out there
Interesting...Challenging Item Rooms...was needed, Isaac doesn't deserve a break...
Thanks! I put my work into it.

I'm so glad it has over 1200 downloads O.O
You can get stuck in a "lock special room" when using a teleport.

For example: Screenshot after using a Stars card. Luckily I had a golden key, otherwise I would have to restart.
I didn't know this. But it also doesn't need to be fixed.
You can just exit the game and then hit "continue" and you'll spawn at the entrance.
i have everything on public at my steam accounht but i still can download and it still says i dont have the game/my profile is private...
how do u downlaod it. cuz it has a stb file and i dunno what to do.
Press that big ol' download button.

When you've downloaded the .rar file. Just extract the files inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources
It would be good if you could only make shop-items appear instead of hearts and things for sales in the CrownRooms A great mod nonetheless
it says its an stb file and it wont work
Yeah, you put the downloaded .stb file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources

And you should be good to go.
Oh I was so busy playing this mod to comment here that it's my favorite mod for BoI. Playing it with Skymod and Agony of Isaac.
Heheh, I do my best
But You have no idea hoe happy it makes me that this is someone's favorite mod! Thanks!
everyone clap the update is amazing
O.O you like it that much?

Happy to hear! Updates will be coming in the future, just school's annoying. Yiu can expect updates after 12th of June. Since I have alot of free time at that point ;)
Do mods effect if you get achievements or not
So I saw that mods don't remove achievements, that includes mods like this right, by that I mean, mods that change items/rooms or add items/rooms etc?
This is truth, you can use this mod to gather all the ingredients to Real Platinum God.
Thanks! I have been getting a lot of aesthetic/music mods piled up to find the godly combo and this was the first mod that did something non-looks etc that I looked at.
I think that kind of item room is better
very cool mod!
Can any1 send me a mod that alows you to fight in every run Mega Satan?
Godmode always has the key pieces in the lamb/blue baby fights room
i cant open the mod can u help me pls?
You mean you can't open the .rar/.zip file?
Install winRAR first, before you do anything.
Download the mod, and try to open it by double clicking the file you downloaded.
yeah i tried but my adobe reader say the file is damaged or something..
That's weird... are you on pc or mac?
Pc and idk why it is only if i have to open it with my adobe reader then it never works maybe i have to update it?
You have to open the file using winRAR
nice! thank you it works now! love the mod
No problem, always happy to help someone who likes my mod
to add to my previous post, in case you try to reproduce the issue, i kept playing until i got another crash: E36K TXYM crashes on 2nd floor, if that's useful information at all.
Thanks for replying, I will play this seed ASAP to see if crashes still persist in the newest version which ain't out yet.
Stll experiencing crashes in v.1.6.1, any idea what the possible cause is?
That's funny, I also like this mod ;)
Does this work with Varying Item Rooms and TAOI?
Sadly, it doesn't, but the guy who created TAOI was working on adding my mod to this:

So if you're patient, he will make it compatible
That was removed from The binding of Isaac: Rebirth in the most recent update. It shouldn't show up.

Just check the first item room you get and see if it's... different.
Nope, no working . it looks like a good mod too.
Did you make a "rooms" folder in the "resources" folder?
Welp, create a rooms folder in the resources folder, and extract the .rar/.zip in there.
Good job making this mod, It makes the game feel new and keeps me excited when i go to item rooms or secret rooms, Can't wait until it can go with The Agony Of Isaac.
Haha, yeah, the varied item rooms mod gave me the same feeling, as if you're opening a christmas present every time you enter a new room, I'm happy this mod brings the same feeling
How do I install this? Do I just throw the file from the .zip into my Resources folder or do I need to do anything specific? I haven't been seeing any differences with this mod installed.
You have to make a "rooms" folder in the "resources" folder and extract the .rar/.zip in there.

The guy who made The agony of isaac is going to make my mod compatible with the 2 mods you just said. Be patient, it'll happen
good no more cheat!
please make it compatible with the agony of isaac and varieditemroom (that are both compatible), and its a must have!
@KingSora42 No currently not, but maybe in the future
is there any way to merge this with the varied item rooms mod?
つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SEAL OF APPROVAL OR RIOT ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
this looks like a lot of fun! i'm going to have to check this one out

You create a "rooms" folder into the "resources folder" and extract the rar file in there
How to install?
Do i just have to extract it into the resources folder?
"WOMB II/UTERO II angel room and devil room now contain 2 free items! "
i dont wish this so too easy, or a cheat.
June 5, 2018 - 9 months ago

The download button will now give additional details and link to a helpful announcement when you have not been verified as owning the game.