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Skinless Hush... Skin
Yeah, I didn't really think this title out too well, did I?
Created 4 years ago
Possible oxymoron aside, this mod here changes Hush's appearance into "Skinless Hush". For anyone unaware of what Skinless Hush is, it's an unused sprite and animation file inside Afterbirth, left as a red herring for dataminers. I saw fit to try and make a mod out of it, and this is what I got. Keep in mind, this is my first attempt at doing a custom animation, so apologies if anything seems choppy. Also, this mod only uses the two sprites originally found in the file, the second one being recreated as to what I think it would look like, so it most likely will not be something spectacular to look at.

To install...
Just put the gfx folder in the game's resources folder

If anyone can give me a bit more knowledge on how the animation strings work, I'd be very grateful. I've read the tutorial on reddit, but I still don't quite get how it works.


x 48

- Enemy sprites now match the boss's sprite, color-wise

if only the blue womb was more fleshy. still good though!
Wow, that looks awesome ^^ Really good job and nice sprite
A Skin, Which Removes Skin. Still With Me?
the file might be some things they left in and forgot to take out
I've seen this file in the game and I thought if it might be part of afterbirth+
Damn... Hush looks creepy as fuck now. Looks like The Stain's big brother or something like that lol. Nice mod!
Did it take you long to make that sprite!
He did'nt make it, it was an unused skin for Hush in the gfx.
could i use this mod for a comunity remix called ``the modding of isaac``?
Sure, good luck with the remix!
Can i use this in one of my mods? you will be credited
Can i use this in one of my mods? you will be credited
its just a file in the gfx so you don't need permission
I thought this was a completed version
It is a file change. The file was in the game, all I did was simply make the second frame of animation have the details of the first and overhauled the animation file for Hush
You didn't need sleep anyways, did you?
Well, it looks good. And I mean Really good, don't get me wrong. But it doesn't fit the Theme of the Blue Womb. Maybe if you made a texture for it, or just replace the Blue Womb with the Womb textures. That could work, if you feel lazy.
I'll change this to be an alternate floor thing when Afterbirth+ comes out and I learn how to use the tools.
Great, now I have to buy another DLC. Or maybe it's free. I have 0 f*cking idea.
Apparently it's going to be paid DLC, but it will have more then mod tools. The page is here:
The only reason I'm not downloading this right now is because I love Hush the way he is, but I'm so hyped to see this as an alternate floor when Afterbirth + comes out! For now, Definitely leaving a like to come back to this!
Just tried out Hush with the mod out, and I love it! I know you say you're still new in this stuff, but I am impressed! If you can though, you should alter the sprites when he does the laser attack to look more like they're shooting out of an open middle eye thing since it seems like they're shooting from his forehead. Maybe a sort of Third Eye Brimstone thing?
Once I understand how to make the animations work in my favor, I'll give it a try.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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