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The Binding of Dubstep
The beginnings of a music overhaul mod
Created 4 years ago
Currently this mod will only change the death music to the available preview.

-Works with Afterbirth
-Tested personally on my own game
-Does not disable achievements
-Works wonders for cheering you up after that failed Lost run.


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This is more like Trap music than Dubstep
DUBSTEP!!! tweuuhh awua titititititi gfurfo
I was hoping it would overhaul most of the music... not just the death sounds
hopefully this updates to add music to all rooms/areas/whatevers
Oh! [-Works with Afterbirth]! I'm sorry.
even tho it was made with wubmachine it's a great mod.
I can tell you used wubmachine, but the mod is alright i guess.
I'm not saying it doesnt go well, it does.
June 5, 2018 - 1 year ago

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