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Christmas is coming!
Adds a Christmas hat to nearly every enemy!
Created 2 years ago
Christmas is coming, everyone get ready! Get your hats and hoodies and get out there! Or you could always kill Satan with body fluids or something i guess.

Adds a Christmas hat to nearly every enemy, but not small enemies like Dips or Flies. Also adds Christmas presents chests.

Want to install it? Here we go.

Get to TBOI:R in Common "steamapps/common/The binding of isaac:rebirth/ then throw the gfx folder in there next to Packed, not inside.


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It could really use some more work on the placement of the hats, but... its good i guess.
I want tiny hat for the tiny fly ! *_*
GFX mods are difficult depending on what the effect is.

And for this? I say you did an amazing job!
Really funny mod! But it needs a fix on the present-chests. It looks very ugly.
I didnt really try on the Present chests, i put the most time making sure the hats dont go into other sprites, i may or may not try fixing the chests.
if you "didnt really try" then why the fuck did you include them with the mod?
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