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Mini Maw
Dry Baby becomes a Mini version of Mega Maw
Created 5 years ago
[Mega Man Joke]
Compatable with the Rebirth Mod Loader


This mod was featured in a video!


x 44

- Forgot to change the name that appears when you pick it up (disable that by removing the items.xml file

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Items & Trinkets
plis craeate mod pack plis in mod pack all yo mod
Oh my God! You are actually my favorite modder! I always wanted the mini version of cool bosses! Awesome!
I've never seen anything like this on Oith!
Great mod! Hopeful to see more like this in the future
you should make one of these for every familiar,
and maybe make this death, rotten baby into pestilence, little chubby into war, and little haunt(idk) into famine
These really do look like they are actually a part of the game. You duplicated the style so well.
Fair enough, I think that's a cool idea too
If I make more I will make a pack but with just a few I will leave it seperate so people can choose
You know what I think would be kinda cool? Making both this mod and the Dinky Duke mod into one mod Less of a hassle, and double the coolness lol
June 5, 2018 - 2 years ago

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