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Archangel Gabriel Familiar
Turns the Sworn Protector into a small Gabriel!
Created 3 years ago
This mod changes the Sworn Protector item familiar, (the Guardian Angel look-alike) into a smaller version of Gabriel. It also changes the name & description into "Archangel" to avoid confusion with the item Best BUd.

To install, simply extract zip and place the resources folder and items.xml into Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth directory.

The mod will conflict with other mods that use items.xml. If you choose not to use this mod's items.xml, the item name and description change will not occur.


x 13

- Polished sprites

- Added readme

You should just change the abilities of the Seraphim (the real Sworn Protector) to shoot like Lil' Brimstone, but with a holy laser.
June 5, 2018 - 3 months ago

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