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Dinky Duke
Changes Rotten Baby into a little Duke of Flies :)
Created 2 years ago
Compatable with the Rebirth Mod Loader


This mod was featured in a video!


x 133

- Uploaded the Dry Baby version by mistake

- Forgot to change the name that appears when you pick it up (disable that by removing the items.xml file)

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Items & Trinkets
Can You update this mod to Afterbirth plus? I really would like to use this
Nice flies, Dinky Duke, Makes a player go "Yay! "
Cant seem to get this mod to work, so far its the only mod iv found to just crash my game on start
If you are on afterbirth don't include the items.xml
i see you have removed my comment i am still gonna ask to put your download links to mediafire or something plz i have the cracked version PLZ make it able to download for the cracked version plz
If you really, truly, actually enjoy the game enough to mod it, you should consider supporting the developers by buying it.
Awesome! 10/10 Best Duke ever :P
You can get him from a Devil Deal. Duke of Flies and Satan are in cahoots confirmed
January 20, 2017 - 7 months ago

A new animated Planetarium theme (from Antibirth) is now available!

There is a new DLC search filter on the Browse Mods page.

Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

The What's New sheet will try to get your attention when there is a new site update.

Fixed some mod icons not changing after being updated.