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Legendary S4 League Melee Weapon
Created 2 years ago
Golden Gibson Plasma Sword by magnificentvincent (aka Leg-Locked Heave-Ho)


The Binding of Isaac and S4 League are my all time favourite games. So I searched for a way to bring those together.
With the recent addition of "Golden Gibson White/Blue Plasma Sword" in S4 League , I decided them to edit Spear of
Destiny to look like the sword. The Blue GGPS is replaced with normal Spear of Destiny , and the white GGPS variant is
replaced with flame Spear of Destiny which is used in "The Guardian" challenge.

Here's how they look in S4

Hope you like this mod!


1 - Locate your steam folder. If you installed normally , It should be in Program Files by default.
Program Files (x86) for 64bit windows users.

2 - Go to Steampps > common

3 - Take the folder "resources" from the .rar file you installed and drag it inside "The Binding of Isaac Rebirth".

Done ! Launch the game.

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