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Makes the keeper fun!
Created 2 years ago
This mod gives The Keeper the following for stating items...

Head of the Keeper, 20/20, Mutant Spider, The Inner Eye, Thin Odd Mushroom

Shoot an array of penny tears, he is the keeper after all!

(greed mode money not included)

(I will also be changing the icon soon!)


x 17

- added the actual file

how can he be more fun? if he gets a decent red heart.
can make another mod where the keeper just starts with penny tears nothing more?
I thought the Keeper was OP in the first place.
Then I played him.
And now, this mod makes EVERYTHING A LOT MORE EASIER.
(It's still possible to die though)
Overpowered does not necessarily equal fun.
yeah... well I never said it was, I don't like op mods but I make them anyway
I also think OP isnt fun , especially when you dont deserver it by using a Mod , the game shoud be a Challange and every time i find an OP run , yeah sure its fun but i dont get a sense of accomplishment when i beat it , cus like killing a Boss with 1 shot is just... intresting
Ha! It has Head of the Keeper just like in my mod:
if you really wanted to make him more fair and keep a bit of the challenge, consider giving him just the head of the keeper and deep pockets
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