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Rupees for coins
Replace coins with Rupees in Afterbirth
Created 4 years ago
This is a port of this mod:

I changed it to fit the new sprite sheets for coins

You can use this best with this mod from TomsNebulordGuerrero which makes coin related items into Rupees.

Upcoming Update:
resizing the animation files as soon I find time for it


x 12

- added rupees in the HUD

- cleaned up the sprite sheet files

- cleaned up the sprite sheet files

What is the name of the mod that you used for the better looking items?
You should make black borders to the rupees!
This is the best! I'm so excited now
man. i give you permission of linking my mod to your page. i will do the same, however. if you can resize the animation file. i would really appreciate your effort.
Just letting you know, Golden bombs don't show on the HUD with this mod
Idea is of course great however the sprites are putting me off a bit.
Sorry, but I couldn't fit them into the new format without cutting off the edges
I think you can expand your format as much as you want with some animation editing. Look for tutorials on /r/themoddingofisaac
June 5, 2018 - 2 years ago

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