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"Enhanced" Succubus
Created 4 years ago
Has the plain ol', angry-looking Succubus of Afterbirth been bothering you with its completely normal appearance? Worry no more, because there is now a solution for the problem you never knew you had! Install "Enhanced Succubus" today for a... different Afterbirth+ experience.

Including a long-anticipated feature - a unique, redrawn sprite that is used when your character has BFFs. With appropriately upscaled features. Thanks /u/Moremonkey on Reddit for the script!

If you have Afterbirth+, the mod can be accessed more easily via the Steam Workshop:

Collectible icon, collection icon (death items.png), achievement 221 graphic, animation files (regular and BFFs), main.lua for BFF feature for Afterbirth+ users.


x 230

- BFF enhanced sprite for Afterbirth+ users

- Made animation much smoother

- Small sprite adjustments

Updated to match the files on Steam workshop, and most importantly, added the long anticipated BFF feature! (AB+ only)
Now that's what a Succubus is suppose to look like cuz I'm a thirsty ass mf
Can you update the mod on here as well?
The mod has been updated to be slightly more compatible for the Afterbirth+ forgotten update (use the Steam workshop link)!
PLEASE MAKE unique sprite for BFF enhanced succubus HAVE MORE TİTS OR NİPPLES PLEASE
i loved how it has nipples and that gets me hard
Are you mentally stable? Seriously, this comment concerns me.
Love this. Just small changes of the view in this game makes my want to bash my head against the macmillan wall so much harder.
This has been ported to AB+ as a Steam Workshop item, download that here:
Please release she on steam.
Could you also do something like this for incubus? It would be really great!
I like this "Enhanced" Succubus
Adding a legit succubus into the game 'aye? Okay... (i guess)...
For those worrying about this conflicting with CHUD, it kinda does work, you get the vanilla sprite on the menus (still coloured), but the sucQTbus sprite for the actual follower (screenshot)
[screenshot] For those worrying that this mod and CHUD might not be compatible, I tried it, and it seems to work okay (you get the best of both worlds, really, getting both the original sprite for the menu but the sucQTbus sprite for the actual follower)
"succ" - ubus is a very interesting mod ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I've made a CHUD adaptation of this to make the new sucqtbus icon in colour, and was wondering if I could send you this for you to post, or alternatively, to be permitted to post it myself.
I might add this when it's updated with the modding API support for BFF enlarged succubus.
June 5, 2018 - 2 years ago

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