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Detailed Boss Health Bar
Adds minor detail to the basic red and black boss health bar.
Created 3 years ago
Gives the boss health bar a better feel by adding a "pop-out" feel to the red remaining health and a sense of depth to the black missing health.


x 635

- Afterbirth compatibility

- Minor visual improvements

Nah I just was putting it in the wrong place, although nothing works when i put it where it's supposed to be.
Thank you for the very constructive criticism, in comment form.
Is it normal to have the bar colored white? That is so for mine. Anyways - good mod!
This mod is not for Rebirth- it will not function properly.
Your mod was really popular, You could update this to Afterbirth plus
Now I'm not bored when i see how much health the boss has left!
Love this mod Makes it look so much better!
Small change, but makes it look so much better
You should add a picture of the boss health bar without this mod just so we can compare the two.
November 2, 2017 - 6 months ago

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