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Detailed Boss Health Bar
Adds minor detail to the basic red and black boss health bar.
Created 2 years ago
Gives the boss health bar a better feel by adding a "pop-out" feel to the red remaining health and a sense of depth to the black missing health.


x 601

- Afterbirth compatibility

- Minor visual improvements

Thank you for the very constructive criticism, in comment form.
Is it normal to have the bar colored white? That is so for mine. Anyways - good mod!
This mod is not for Rebirth- it will not function properly.
Your mod was really popular, You could update this to Afterbirth plus
Now I'm not bored when i see how much health the boss has left!
Love this mod Makes it look so much better!
Small change, but makes it look so much better
You should add a picture of the boss health bar without this mod just so we can compare the two.
DETAILS! The greatest thing! Thank you or this mod
A simple, yet amazing mod. Great work!
January 20, 2017 - 4 months ago

A new animated Planetarium theme (from Antibirth) is now available!

There is a new DLC search filter on the Browse Mods page.

Added the 50 new babies from Afterbirth+.

The What's New sheet will try to get your attention when there is a new site update.

Fixed some mod icons not changing after being updated.